Antique Textiles

early silksThe shop specialises in period textiles, fans, samplers and associated items from the 17th Century through to the early 20th, and stocks a vast range of fine textiles and antique lace for any collector, designer or home maker.

Items are constantly added. Stock includes embroideries for cushions, embroideries from the 16th century to early 20th and Chinese embroidery; tapestries, samplers and woolwork pictures; beaded bags and beadwork; silk patchwork, 18th century silks, ribbons, trimmings and lace; fans and decorative accessories; patchwork quilts, crazy quilts and Durham quilts; french pillowcases, cushions, table covers, curtains, net curtains and toiles; paisley and one of the largest collections of period paisley shawls outside London.

The shop also stocks a selection of small items of antique furniture.

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