Joanna Proops, the owner of Antique Textiles and Lighthing, has had a lifelong love of beautiful antique fabrics, sewing and embroidery. She was making her own clothes by the age of ten, and has taught herself the skills necessary to painstakingly repair rare damaged fabrics.

She began her involvement with the antiques trade in the 1970s. At that time almost no-one had an interest in antique textiles: charity shops were actually putting rare and beautiful hand made lace on the bonfire because nobody wanted it. But Joanna was certain that there would come a time when others would see the beauty and value of 18th and 19th century textiles, and became determined, with the aid of a bank loan, to rescue as much as she could of the beautiful linens, silks and brocades.

baca award

Many antique shops in Bath have been forced to close or move away in recent years. Antique Textiles and Lighting has survived due to the quality of the stock for sale, and the specialist knowledge of the owner. It is this which also won the shop the distinguished accolade of the British Antiques and Collectables Award for the best Antiques, Textiles and Lighting Shop in the UK.

All the items on sale are real antiques: the shop does not sell reproductions at all. The majority of the fabrics date from the 17th to the 19th century. The fragile nature of many of the items means that they are unsuitable for sending by post, which is why the shop does not sell online or by mail order. If you see anything that you like on this site you are urged to visit the shop or phone to speak to Joanna directly.

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